Lease Returns

Dent Magic’s Lease Return Inspection Report

Before you return your car its overall condition is evaluated by your leasing company for any excessive wear and tear. By getting an inspection beforehand, you will know what may be chargeable and learn how you can prepare your vehicle to avoid those fees.

Below are examples of acceptable and chargeable wear and tear.


Damage Acceptable Chargeable
Exterior body panel dings, dents and scratches Up to three (3) per panel with a diameter up to 3 inches Four (4) or more per panel or any with a diameter greater than 2 inches
Windshield No glass damage All glass damage (even small chips and cracks)
Wheels Scratches up to 6 inches and gouges up to 1/2 inch Scratches greater than 6 inches or gouges greater than 1/2 inch
 Interior Burn holes – up to two (2) per panel with diameter up to1/8inch Permanent stains –  one (1) per panel up to 1/2 inch Three or more burns per panel or any with a diameter greater than 1/8 inch. Three or more permanent stains per panel or any greater  than 1/2 inch


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Download a copy of our Lease Return Inspection Report

DISCLAIMER: Dent Magic Inspectors will provide their expert opinion on their findings about the vehicle. However, our reports are for your information only. Magic Industries, Inc. is not held liable for any findings are different from that of your leasing company.