The Claims & Repair Process

The Claims & Repair Process

How do I start the process of getting my vehicle repaired after the storm?

Step 1

Call the toll free phone number that is on your insurance card. Your insurance company will generate a new claim and assign a claim number to the claim at this time. You should make sure you write down this claim number and have it with you when ever you discuss the claim with your insurance company or repair shop.

Step 2

Once a new claim has been filed, most insurance companies will then schedule an appointment for you to have your vehicle inspected at a time that is convenient for you. Before you have the vehicle inspected, Dent Magic recommends that you make sure your vehicle is clean so all dents are visible.

Step 3

An Adjuster will inspect your vehicle to determine where all the damage is and how much it should cost to have your vehicle repaired. Then you should receive what is called a Preliminary Estimate. This will be an itemization of what the adjuster saw when he or she inspected your vehicle along with the estimated cost to perform the repair. The “net cost” dollar amount on the Preliminary Estimate will be “less your deductible” meaning that they have subtracted your deductible amount from what they determined it should cost to have your vehicle repaired. The deductible is the amount of the repair that you, the “Insured” is supposed to pay.

Step 4

Sometimes the insurance adjuster will cut you a check right when they do their inspection and determine what it should cost to perform the repair. The check amount will be equal to what the Preliminary Estimate indicates will be the “net cost” to repair your vehicle (remember this is “minus your deductible). The insurance company may require that you select a repair facility before they issue you a check so they can include the repair facility as a payee on the check. This is done to ensure that you get your vehicle fixed instead of just keeping the money.

Step 5

Bring your vehicle and your Preliminary Estimate into a Dent Magic location. A professionally trained Hail Damage Advisor at Dent Magic will inspect your vehicle and review all of the insurance paperwork with you. Then your Dent Magic Advisor will explain how the PDR process works and why it is the best way to repair the hail damage on your vehicle. Once all of your questions have been answered you can then schedule your vehicle in for a repair. If additional money is needed to do a proper repair, Dent Magic will create a Supplement and submit it to your insurance company on your behalf.

  • Most PDR repairs are performed in 1 to 2 days.
  • You may receive a check from your insurance company that includes your lien holder on it as a payee if you still owe money on your vehicle.