Service Drives

Service Drive Program

Dent Magic’s Service Drive Program has allowed dealers to earn thousands of dollars selling the Dent Magic Services to its customers. After proper training, each dealer will be able to sell all services to add additional profit to the dealer.

How does this work?

Dent Magic Representatives will train the service writers and management on what cosmetic repairs can and cannot be repaired on your customers vehicles, as well as how to price the repairs.

Dent Magic will work two consecutive weeks inspecting vehicles that come into the service department for repairs.

Once work is sold to the customer, your advisor will place a call to Dent Magic’s central dispatcher who will then dispatch the job to one of our thirty highly  trained specialists to repair the vehicle in your service department.

What’s in it for the dealer?

The Dent Magic plan allows the dealer to make above average sublet percentage which adds money to the bottom line.

Each Service Advisor is incentivized (upon management approval) on each job that is sold.

Dent Magic provides a written warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Happy customers – Your customers will thank you for taking care of these items while their vehicle is in for service.

How do I get started?

It’s as easy as dialing 614-717-3368 and asking for a sales manager to arrange an appointment.